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Be the Manager People Won't Leave - Jan Makela

Andere Development LLC

  • $ 19.99

How can you become the manager people will not want to leave?

"You will be remembered  as the manager people want to work with and can be proud of as well." - Jan Makela

In this audio-book/e-book Jan Makela reveals his 5 Key Pillars to Becoming a Successful as a Manager:

  1. Make decisions based on productivity
  2. Motivate every single one of your team members to take action
  3. Engage your team with a compelling vision and mission
  4. Have the assertiveness to drive outcomes while also building trust with open and full transparency
  5. Create a culture of accountability and cooperation

What you will receive:

  • 20-minute audio discussion (mp3)
  • e-book
  • workbook